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Mary Ann meets the Gravediggers and other short stories by regina spektor

Love Affair
Poor Little Rich Boy
Sailor Song
Mary Ann
Consequence of Sounds
Daniel Cowman
Pavlov’s Daughter
Chemo Limo
This compilation of tracks from 11:11, Songs, and Soviet Kitsch was released in the UK on CD by Transgressive Records in January 2006, accompanied by a re-branded version of the same DVD included in the Sire release of Soviet Kitsch. This release is particularly notable for its evocative artwork by Julie Morstad.

4-track promo CD

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2002-03-13 New York, NY | The Living Room


Love Affair
Back of a Truck
Marry Ann
Pavlov's Daughter
2.99 Cent Blues
I Want to Sing
Regina's debut LP was recorded in her senior year at Purchase College and self-released in 2001. It eventually went out of print on CD, owing mainly to the loss of the original artwork, but it is currently available as a download from CD Baby and other outlets.

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Love Affair

Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (as originally posted by Regina on brümstix):
There was a love affair in this building
the kind of love affair, which every respectable building must keep as a legend
Slowly festering through an innocent by the way
or have you heard
he was perfect except for the fact that he was an engineer and mothers prefer doctors and law-yers...

Yet despite this imperfection he was clean looking and respectable looking
and you'll never find a mother who doesn't appreciate a natural man
So he grew healthy aloe Vera plants by the window
healthy teeth in his mouth
healthy hair on his head
He grew healthy wavy brown hair on his head
the kind that babies always go for with sticky little fingers...

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